Welcome to FriendStream

What is friendstream?

Friendstream combines multiple social network updates in one stream.
It has also support for multiple accounts.


Currently, it is in beta form, and is being actively developed.
As such, there may be bugs, errors, world-annihilating predictions of doom, bleeding unicorns, and trees falling in unpopulated forests without creating sounds.

How can i use it?

Sign up for an account, then add yout twitter, facebook, foursquare or hyves. Mutiple accounts can be added for a single social network.

What networks will be supported

Currently: Twitter, Hyves, FourSquare, Facebook
Planned: LinkedIn, Google+,Digg,Youtube, LastFM, MySpace

Browser Support

All, exept IE

Who are developers?

Currently there is only one developer, Sander aka brantje Friendstream.net is not affiliated with HTC